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Melinda Varga hobby dog owner

Yesterday (18/05/2016) we received a very positive feedback from Melinda Varga who is a hobby dog owner.
Her vizsla had been suffering from demodicosis (caused by Demodex canis).
It caused bad fur loss around the eyes, under the ears but after she started feeding with Caniprem
the fur has become shinier and it is started growing back again.

We also received pictures about the dog how she looked like before and after Caniprem. The positive change is noticeable.

Melinda Varga, Hungary, Budapest


Péter Dohány Puli breeder

 I already started feeding Caniprem dietary supplement to my two Puli dogs more than two years ago. My experiences after usage this product: They are more energetic, amount and quality for her coats getting better significantly. I shared my positive experiences to some Puli owners, feedback was same as mine and they are in 100% satisfied with great results.In the picture you can see HJCH HCH Szentmihalyi-Szabo Makvirag.

Thanks: Peter Dohany


Péter Dohány, Hungary



Mészáros Melinda hobby dog owner

 One of my friend recommended to try Caniprem and after bying the product I immediately started giving to my dogs on 30/04/2015. I was excited about the effect of Caniprem. I have 4 dogs, 2 of them are hungarian short haired vizsla, a bitch and a male, the other 2 are mixed breeds. I don't breed them but it is also important for me to receive the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals to live a healthy, tempered, happy, long life with beatiful outfit. My oldest dog (mixed breed) his hair is shabby and pallid. Because of his hot and active-temperedand the love of "gardening and digging" he had quite a lot of problems with the joints (knee, elbow). Since he received the Caniprem his hair has become shiny. I can say he has rejuvenated.

My male vizsla's hair was  "shabby", dim and inhomogeneous. After starting to feed with Caniprem the coat became shiny brown and steady. My mutt bitch dog has now  beautiful shiny black coat which can be recognizable from far away.  The winter shedding has finished faster. My bitch vizsla's coat has become softer and more silky.

I am fully satisfied with Caniprem. I can just simply recommend it to everyone.

Mészáros Melinda (Hungary)

2015. június 13.


Rózsa Réka Puli breeder

Before 1 month of the planned pregnancy I started giving Caniprem to my dog (called Duna). After 3 weeks the coat became very thick. I was always afraid of that the 20-30 cm long tufts wouldn'tbe able to hold the weight of themselves but the tufts became thinner and stronger. The leap was successful as 8 puppies were born.

Rózsa Réka (Hungary)

2015. május 5.

Loncsosi-Bátor Puli Kennel

I have been feeding my pulis with Caniprem quite a long time. After 3 weeks I recognized that some of my dogs who had bald spots, the hair started growing and after about 1,5 months there weren't any bald spots any more. One of my puli who had allergy, the constant scratching has disappeared.

My bitches who have already have several pregnancies, the Caniprem has a great effect on them as well. Before Caniprem they only had 5 or 6 puppies but with Caniprem they have had 7 and 9 puppies.

My dogs who have received Caniprem they have the dysplasia A.

Bátor Zsuzsa (Hungary)
Loncsosi-Bátor kennel 
+36 20-413-5181

Király Annamária - Rottweiler owner

2,5 months ago I started giving Caniprem to my Rottweiler, because the product said that it has a good effect on the joints. As the dog is 8-year old and he has started to have a stiff in his move so I thought I tried it. After 2 weeks I recognized the changes in his hair, resulting shinier and healthier coat. After 2 months the stiffness is his move went away.

Király Annamária (Hungary)
2006. december

Mátyás Király Udvari Komondor-Puli Masterbreed

Caniprem has a great effect on my Komondors. The puppies which were born last year they developed strong bones, thick coat and had dark pigmentation. The bitches after giving birth looked great, they didn't loose weight or hair, they kept their body condition at the end of the nursing period, their pigmentation remained dark. The immune system of my dogs has increaded resistance. Since feeding with Caniprem, no illness happenned in my breed. Those dogs who eat Caniprem they are in a better shape than those who don't get it. I am fully satisfied with Caniprem.

Berczeli Antal (Hungary)
Mátyás Király Udvari Komondor-Puli Masterbreed
+36 30 927 0005 
Tata, 2007. április

Westwood kennel

One of my friend recommended Caniprem to me. I always give food supplements for my dogs for the right condition, the coat quality and for the bones. Unfortunately we didn't find the right supplement which would contain the important vitamins and minerals in a complex combination and it also would be natural. CANIPREM contains all of the vitamins and minerals which the dogs need. Their coat has never been so shiny and healthy. In the nursing period there wasn't any problem to bring up a 10-litter size. We are glad that Caniprem helps us to feed our dogs appropriately.

Nagy Péter (Hungary)
Westwood Saint Bernard kennel 
+36 20-444-4586 
Ebes, 2007. augusztus

Yo-west yorkshire and westie kennel

We breed yorkshire and westie dogs. Since I feed my dogs with Caniprem we have recognized that their hair is healthier, nicer, easier to handle. We think that it also has an effect in the fertilizing period because it fills a part in litter size as well. More puppies are born which are more beautiful, more vigorous than before. We are fully satisfied with Caniprem and we recommend it to everyone.

Desics Család (Hungary)
Yo-west kennel 
+36 06-70- 5758-241 
Fejér megye, 2007. szeptember

Szellőtánc barzoi kennel

Primarily I tried Caniprem because of hair growing purposes. My barzoi bitch during her puppy received a babesiosis infection so therefore her coat got bald quite ugly. Within 2-3 weeks feeding with Caniprem, the hair started to grow spectacularly and it became very thick and beautiful. And even it had a really great effect on her joints. Being barzoi she sprints a lot and she suffered from also limping, straining but Caniprem almost ceased all of them. The developing of the puppies are smooth, become healthier, more vital, have shinier coat by Caniprem. I am fully satisfied with it.

Szendi Horváth Józsefné (Hungary)
Szellőtánc barzoi kennel 
Várpalota, 2007. szeptember

Vyam de Buena Vista great dane kennel

I always used all sorts of food supplements which were available on the market and when one of my dog breeder friend gave me a flier of Caniprem. On my dogs' coat the recognizable changes were spectacular, healthier, shinier coat was the result. After 1-1,5 months it corrected the limb issues with my large-breed puppies. I am really satisfied with this product, I am glad that I have found it because the effect of this supplement what is promised.

Vilimek Dóra (Hungary)
Vyam de Buena Vista great dane kennel 
06 70 380 06 19 
Budapest, 2007. szeptember

Újvárosi haspók french bulldog, boxer kennel

Within 2 weeks my dogs' hair became more shinier and softer. My 9-year old boxer the aging joint problems started to develop. But with Caniprem it eased the pain. My dog Dina doesn't feel in his joints the break in the weather. My dog is much more energetic without the pain in her legs. I also fed my dog Rebi with Caniprem during her nursing period. She had a lot of  and good quality of milk- She brought up 5 puppies and the nursing period took 6 weeks. After the weaning she recovered very quickly so I think Caniprem played a huge part in it. The flavouring is great, even my picky dogs love it. I can only recommend it to everyone.


Vaszócsikné Markovics Magdolna (Hungary)

+36 30/277-8874 
Dunaújváros, 2008. április

Méherzugi masterbreed great dane kennel

I had been browsing on the internet and found Caniprem supplement. I feed my dogs with meat but It's important that the diet Ifeed my dog is complete and balanced. First I tried Caniprem with my pregnant and nursing bitches and I had good experiencies in the shedding period. This product is outstanding, I am really satisfied and I can recommend it to everyone who have dogs.


Balogh Erika (Hungary)
Budapest, 2008. május


Mogyorósi Attila, dog owner of Komondor

I started feeding with Caniprem because my growing komondor was continually scratching. Fortunately it disappeared because of this product besides I see another positive effect as the front legs has become stiff and even.

Mogyorósi Attila (Hungary)
2008. május

Blue Batta Shar pei kennel

I started feeding with Caniprem because my dogs' shedding period took too long but I also wanted to make shinier their coat. Since feeding with Caniprem these problems have diappeared. I am satisfed with Caniprem.


Felker Károlyné (Hungary)


Silver Senator masterbreed schnauzer kennel

One of my friend who breeds bullies recommended Caniprem. I have been looking for a complex vitamin supplement to my quick-growing giant schnauzer puppies for a long time. I always fed some kind of vitamin and mineral supplements but none of them had a spectacular and complex effect as Caniprem had. In wintertime I usually feed my dogs (who are kept outside, mainly the adults) with cooked food but I always worried about vitamin and mineral level of the food. But now on daily basis I add Caniprem supplement in the home-made cooked food - less then the recommended.

I also feed Caniprem during the pregnancy to make sure that the placentae is mature and all of the puppies are born. The litter is spectacularly roborated.

 The puppies eat Caniprem with a good appetite and their growth rate are syncronized with the growth of the skeleton system.

 Before that high-protein food caused deformed legs and painful joints but today this is not an existent issue any more.

After trimming in dog cosmetics it usually took about 2 weeks to grow it back, now the time is reducing to 1 week and even the inflammatory skin is disappearing and the hair growing is much faster.

After the complete trimming the new hair  is renewed within 5-6 weeks. the colour of the new hair is perfect because usually products which contains beta-carotine, they make the colour of the coat is reddish. The colour of my dogs' hair now  is perfect salt and pepper (The Salt and Pepper is genetically of a “banded” coat color. The color on the body is darker than that of the “furnishings” of the legs, vent, beard, eyebrows and brisket.), the structure of the hair is shiny, strong and healthy.

The vitality of my dogs is much better, the immune system receives a full support from Caniprem. In the beginning I had issues with the Caniprem oil because of the packaging but now I use a pump dispenser bottle (Side note: Since 29/05/2015 Caniprem oil is in  a pump dispenser which megkönnyíti az adagolást).

What I still miss is the product is hardly available. If the product was available on larger dog shows, I would think it is perfect. I am perfectly satisfied with Caniprem.

Szőllősi Anikó (Hungary)
SILVER SENATOR salt and pepper giant and miniature schnauzer kennel 
+36 20/4114-307 

Fidrich Barbara Piu Bella Cosa Neapolitan mastiff and Bullmastiff kennel

Dear Caniprem!

I heard of Caniprem 1 year ago. I have Neapolitan mastiff and Bullmastiff dogs. I breed them. The main issue with Neapolitan mastiff was the low litter size. They didn't have any health issues. One of my friend recommended the Caniprem to me and he told me to trust it. I ordered it before the spring heat cycle and I waited for the miracle. My dogs had an increased appetite and shiny, more healthy coat. And the expected litter with 12 puppies was also born.

Thanks to all of you

Best regards: 
Fidrich Barbara Piu Bella Cosa Neapolitan mastiff and Bullmastiff kennel (Hungary)
+36 30-8153017