2016-05-19 12:40:04

New positive feedback from a hobby dog owner

Melinda Varga's dog was suffering from Demodex mites (Demodex canis) until she started feeding Caniprem with her dog.

You read more about her experiences about Caniprem under Opinions: Melinda Varga hobby dog owner

2016-05-02 15:44:12

Caniprem will be on the dogshow of National Terrier Club on 07 May 2016

The MSZK National Terrier Club hosts a CAC Dog Show for all FCI approved and non-approved dog breeds on 07 May 2016, at Happy Dog Kutyaiskola, 1103 Budapest, Hangár Str. 2.

Caniprem will support the winners with a couple of boxes of Caniprem. You can buy Caniprem on the event as well.…/races/event:CAC-kutyakiallitas-2016…

2016-03-29 16:39:31

Dog show in Budapest, organized by Karakán Klub

Caniprem visited a dog show in Budapest on 26/03/2016 where we supported the club show winners with a couple of boxes of Caniprem. The show was organized by Club Karakan.

2016-02-16 15:59:00

New distributor

From now Caniprem can be bought from Cseri Subas Tenyésztői depó too.

2016-02-09 13:45:22

New question under FAQs

We have placed a new question under FAQs such as "What is Caniprem good for? (1. Reproduction)".

2015-12-19 10:30:50

Caniprem on Facebook

Caniprem can be reached on Facebook too where we provide updates, news about Caniprem and we answer questions as well:

2015-12-10 17:37:54

Christmas sale of Caniprem

In 2015 December every pack of Caniprem (1 kg) is only 5200 HUF instead of 5800 HUF.

2015-11-12 15:20:09

Karakan IV. Special Dogshow on Pusztazámor (Hungary) at 07 November 2015

At 07 November 2015 we went to visit the Karakan Klub's dogshow as we supported the dogshow with a couple of boxes of Caniprem. We spent a great time there, enjoyed the show. Thank you for the invitation to Gabor Oláh.

2015-10-15 19:22:27

Caniprem at Karakan VI. Special Dogshow

Karakan Klub will organize the Karakan VI. Special Dogshow on 07/11/2015 at Pusztazámor and Caniprem will attend on this event as well.
Caniprem will also support this dog show with a couple of boxes of Caniprem.

2015-09-16 21:50:32

We are looking for distributors

We are looking for distributors from all over the world who are interested in Caniprem and would like to distribute it. Please contact us on +3620-413-5181 or via email