Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequent questions about health issues of dogs

Health, immune system

Optimal level of Se, vitamin E and C

against the illness,

for the quicker recovery,

the slower aging,

stronger immune


(e.g reduction of

the Demodex mites


High level of microminerals
(Cu, Zn) for the strong

tendon which preventing 

deformed limbs

 of the large breed puppies

High level of biotin, Zn (zinc), Cu (copper),Ω3 (omega-3), Ω6 (omega-6) fatty acids, against the allergy, besides shiny, more healthy coat


         Optimal level of Ca, P and 
              vitamin D for the strong and
                         healthy skeleton system

High dose of chondroitin
 sulfate and glucosamine
         for the healthy
         cartilages and against
       to cartilage, joint erosion
       and dysplasia

High level of vitamin A, E, Se (selenium)
for thickening of the lining of the uterus,
higher litter size, increasing the stud dog fertility

Summary- What is CANIPREM supplement good for? (1. Reproduction)

An outstanding breeder is known for making the plans for having litter, he does his best.
Since the beginning he keeps the dog parents in good conditions, cares for them and he does everything possible for the excellent growth of the litter. When he does all of that, he can expect that vigorous, healthy puppies will be born. What's more, if the litter number is appropriate so the owner can easily select from the puppies for his own purposes or for his customers' purposes.

The feeding with Caniprem supplement should be started before 1 month of the pregnancy (or even less), causing the thickening of the lining of the uterus in preparation of pregnancy and all of this resulting in having more puppies to be born. (Of course Caniprem cannot help on the ill, infertile or in the wrong period fertilized bitches.)
According to the personal experiences the puppies are more healthy, more vigorous, with better reflex of sucking so their chance of survivorship are much better.
Their colour and pigmentation are shaping faster. The physical condition of the bitches during the pregnacy and breast-feeding less become impaired and after the weaning the regeneration of the body is faster than without Caniprem supplement.
Caniprem supplement prevents the body of the dog from the mineral deficiency so it doesn't ruin the hairs (for example Puli has frequent issues with the hairs which are becoming very thin or even loosing them but feeding with Caniprem supplement it rarely occurs.)


Caniprem supplement has an influence in the biology of reproduction, the bitches and puppies are in better conditions and the number of puppies are increasing.

Strengthen the immune system, illness, Demodex mites

  • How can I prevent dog illnesses?
  • How can I boost my pet's immune system?
  • If my pet is ill or injured, is there any help on the quick recovery?
  • Is there any prevention against itch mite which is successful?

The body of the dogs have a very high standards in requirement of vitamins and minerals to have the ability to protect themselves against environmental impacts.

Demodicosis is caused by a sensitivity to and overpopulation of Demodex canis as the animal's immune system is unable to keep the mites under control. Demodex mites occures naturally in the hair follicules of most dogs. In most dogs these mites never cause problems . In certain cases, such as underdeveloped or impaired immune system, intense stress or malnutrition, the mites can reproduce rapidly causing hair loss, severe and widespread inflammation.


Ventral view of female mite Demodex canis and dorsal view of its capitulum.


CANIPREM contains high vitamin C, B, E and selenium (Se) which have a positive influence the development and health of your dog's immune system function. By boosting the immune system with Caniprem increases the resistance, helps on the quick recovery from injuries and illnesses furthermore prevents, decreases or even ceases the demodicosis. 



  • Can Caniprem help on the heat cycle?
  • Can I control the estrus cycles?
  • Could it help to normalize the time between 2 heat cycles?
  • I am not satisfied with the number of puppies. How can I increase the litter number?

Caniprem with its high active ingredients normalize the time period between two estrus cycles. It causes the thickening of the lining of the uterus in preparation of pregnancy and all of this resulting in having more puppies to be born.


Bone diseases in growing dogs and puppies

  • I have a large-breed, quick growing puppy and I recognize that his legs are getting deformed and giving way under. Is there any cure for this?

Those dogs who are fed with high energy and protein dog food content have a rapid growth. Besides the optimal level of calcium and phosphorus in the food are meant to support for the normal growth of the bones. Unfortunately in most cases the mechanical function of the tendon can lag behind. Due to this the legs of the growing puppy - mostly at the joints - are deforming, giving way under.

 The CANIPREM contains the copper and zinc in the optimal level. This helps the tendon to keep up the optimal development with the skeleton system. In conclusion the deformed legs can be recovered.


Joint erosion, dysplasia

  • My old dog has a slow and stiffness in walk and it seems that he has a decreased range of motion. I know he is aging but how can I ease his pains? 
  • My dog has a diagnosed joint erosion, dysplasia. Is there any other solution instead of the surgery?
  • I would like to prevent the locomotor disorder and joint problems. What do you recommend?

In large-breed dogs because of the bone growing disases and cartilage erosion the dysplasia can easily develop. It all ends up in limp and limb pain.

CANIPREM contains chondroitin sulfate  and glucosamine. The chondroitin sulfate infiltrates in cartilages and the glucosamine gets into the joint fluid (synovial fluid) so therefore the condition of the joints improve. You can prevent (or reduce) the stiff motion and pains which can be root caused from cartilage erosion.


kutya-nb This picture shows how a normal joint looks like



Age, lifespan, aging

  • Can my pet live longer?

In the body during the normal functioning free radicals are produced. Free radicals are atoms or molecules containing unpaired electrons. Damage can be occured by them when they encounter another molecule and seek to find their unpaired electron. Free radicals can have an effect in the neighbor molecule to pull an electron off them. It starts a chain reaction which often terminates a molecule to become dysfunctional. And this is what causes damage in cells and illness in body.

Antioxidants are helpful in reducing and preventing damage from free radical reactions because of their ability to donate electrons which neutralize the radical without forming another. In CANIPREM supplement this antioxidant is the selenium (Se). Together with vitamin E and selenium they have the ability to decrease the numbers of free radicals, might lessen the radical damage causing chronic diseases, and even radical damage responsible for aging.

The beauty of the skin and the coat

  • Why do the other's dog have more beatiful, bigger and shinier 's coat? What do the owners know I don't?
  • How can I speed up the shedding?
  • What can I do in allergic skin problems?

The environmental conditions, the unbalanced diet, malnutrition or sensitivity to some of the food components can cause easily recognizable signs and symptoms on the dog's coat which can result in dull hair, itching, dandruff, dermatitis etc.

CANIPREM supplement contains high dose of unsaturated fatty acids as a known fact that they reduce the allergies. Because of the optimal level of zinc and vitamin B the dog will not have dandruff. Copper content prevents thinning the hair. By reason of optimal level of vitamin A the dog's coat has a more intesive colour. Altogether the dog's coat more healthier, shinier and has a better "touch feeling".