Complete solution in the food supplement

CANIPREM is a complete vitamin and mineral-supplement made for dogs which also contains joint protection components as well as active substances of dog's fur conditioner. Feeding with Caniprem there is no need buying further supplements (e.g for fur, for skin, for eyes etc.) as this product is a complex, has a broad-spectrum and very efficient!

Caniprem is renewed!

From now it is made from ingredients of excellent quality with better absorption besides it keeps the 100 % of the mechanism of action.

  • good appearance, healthy dog
  • great support from uterus through puppyhood through their senior years
  • advantage on dog shows
  • increased health therefore less vet cost


Health, immune system

Optimal level of Se, vitamin E and C

against the illness,

for the quicker recovery,

the slower aging,

stronger immune


(e.g reduction of

the Demodex mites


High level of microminerals
(Cu, Zn) for the strong

tendon which preventing 

deformed limbs

 of the large breed puppies

High level of biotin, Zn (zinc), Cu (copper),Ω3 (omega-3), Ω6 (omega-6) fatty acids, against the allergy, besides shiny, more healthy coat


         Optimal level of Ca, P and 
              vitamin D for the strong and
                         healthy skeleton system

High dose of chondroitin
 sulfate and glucosamine
         for the healthy
         cartilages and against
       to cartilage, joint erosion
       and dysplasia

High level of vitamin A, E, Se (selenium)
for thickening of the lining of the uterus,
higher litter size, increasing the stud dog fertility


It has everything in it! 
The dog owner doesn't need to buy all the supplements separately. This provides a complete food supplement for the dogs and what's more it's economical for the owners.